The Brazil Series, Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan doesn’t seem to waste a single moment of his waking life. Where does he find time to write music, direct film, write experimental fiction, act, change the world and draw? He is acclaimed in each having won awards in nearly every field he has ventured into. He is the epitome of a Renaissance man and a modern genius that we should cherish. He’s even won a Pulitzer! Back in early 2010 he had his first exhibit of paintings on canvas at the National Gallery of Denmark, the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen.

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In the stretch of time, Mr. Dylan may be considered the Monet or Van Gogh of our time. Bob Dylan seems to have come to grasps with his immense talent and genius as he is now nearing seventy years of life on earth. Decade after decade he has created so many works in so many different areas of the arts and still had time to have a family.

Paintings Signed by the Artist

His Brazil Series is now showing at the National Gallery of Denmark from September until January of 2011. The paintings are from scenes of farms, beaches and the Brazilian slums all based on sketches from his personal travels which he later referenced in painting them on canvas. The works of this series of around forty paintings is very much in the style of Matisse, which is fascinating because in the very same museum is housed a very large collection of Henri Matisse’s works.

Custom Artwork

Bob Dylan’s paintings have been in watercolor but for the Brazil Series, which was specifically created for the Statens Museum, he selected acrylic on canvas. Most of the paintings are very vivid colors, but darker colors were used in a particularly dark scene in The Incident. This painting has a very morbid feel as it seems to depict a brutal murder in which a figure that closely resembles a young Bob Dylan in a grey suit witnesses casually.

If you are interested in a more detailed look at Bob Dylan’s Brazil Series the book’s ISBN is ISBN 978-87-92023-46-9 and is currently only on sale in the Danish Museum’s Gift Shop, but will be available in hardcover on October, 20 2010 with a MSRP of 49.95.

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